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Item #: Lucifer
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is still currently searching for this anomaly.

u give me the butterflies;...εїз

hello, world! welcome to my about me page!!!

its so nice to see u \(^_^)/

my name is lucifer jade, a malaysian-chinese artist and music producer!! im a leo, and my chinese zodiac is the rat! i'm also gay (mlm) and polyam, and i identify as a genderfluid enby! my hobbies are creating art and music, reading webtoons/comics, designing stuff, being online, listening to music, and so much more! (i don't remember anything else x_x)

my ambition right now is to become an indie artist thats self-sustainable (i.e. able to make enough money for me to live and make more) and hopefully be able to have a cool physical collection! (cassettes, vinyls, cds, all that) i'm mainly into 2000s - 2010s internet era stuff like frutiger aero and webcore, and vaporwave stuffz :PP


as of right now (jan 2023) i have: 19 releases [17 albums/eps & 2 tracks] and 9 contributions to comps/collabs

i have also made: 47 posters/cards, 2 pieces of album art & 1 page design

  • experimental music is one! some of my favourite experimental artists are christtt, death's dynamic shroud, and SOPHIE :DD

  • plunderphonics (sampling)!!!! this is a very big interest of mine, i love plunderphonics a lot. a lot of music i listen to does use samples, and all of my music uses samples too! pinkpantheress and mf doom are some cool people that use samples nicely!

  • 2000s - 2010s era stuff!! mentioned this already, but it really does captured my interest! i came online in 2013, when i was still just a child, and i explored through the deep network of youtube videos, so this really does bring me a lot of nostalgia. the main catalysts for this obssession are crt paralysis' "slideshow" and christtt's "social justice whatever", and later on, "deep dark trench"

  • vaporwave! obviously, i started my underground music journey through vaporwave, as im sure many others have. i listen to a lot of vaporwave music alongside the regular pop music, but i would consider most of my work being non-vaporwave, even if i did start out that way.

  • designs and layout!! i love designing stuff! (if you couldnt tell) websites, albums, profiles, you name it, i would probably design shit for it!

to be honest, ive always wanted to make my own website, its just when it comes to learning new things, im not the best at opening up or making the first move T^T, and even when i do i dont always keep it going. i actually wanted to start in september 2022, but unfortunately, i got bored really quickly, but very luckily, in december 2022, i suddenly got extra strong motivation to work on my site!!!! and so, after a month of hard work, and learning by myself, this neocities became a masterpiece, and one that i am very proud of!!!

you can check out some more stuff about me in different pages!

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